Wednesday, September 8, 2010

California's Next Million Acre-Feet: Saving Water, Energy, and Money

A new analysis from the Pacific Institute recommends specific actions that can annually save a million acre-feet of water quickly and at a lower economic and ecological cost than developing new supplies. The assessment notes that new actions are immediately needed to reduce the growing tensions over the state’s water resources and to address California’s persistent water supply challenges.

In the urban sector, the report identifies water savings from replacing old, inefficient water-using devices with high-efficiency models in our homes and businesses, as well as replacing some lawns with low-water-use plants. In the agricultural sector, best water management practices include weather-based irrigation scheduling, regulated deficit irrigation, and switching from gravity or flood irrigation to sprinkler or drip irrigation systems.

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  1. The California Farm Water Coalition delivered the following letter and supporting materials today to California legislators pointing out the failures of the recent report by the Pacific Institute that claimed farmers could conserve an additional 700,000 acre-feet of water.

    California Farm Water Coalition letter to State legislators

    Northern California Water Association letter to Heather Cooley

    AWMC and CFWC San Joaquin Valley irrigation practices survey

    Mike Wade
    California Farm Water Coalition