Monday, February 2, 2009

More 301(h) Details:

Last week Surfrider, Coastkeeper and Sierra Club entered into a cooperative agreement with City of San Diego for non-opposition to Clean Water Act 301(h) Waiver. All groups have received numerous inquiries regarding the San Diego environmental community’s decision not to oppose EPA’s tentative order to grant a CWA section 301(h) waiver for discharges from the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant in San Diego.

Local Surfrider activists know that this is an integral part of the Know Your H2O campaign. To explain the history and process of this groundbreaking agreement Marco Gonzalez compiled a great document, CLICK HERE to read it.

Here are some of the recent news stories regarding the agreement:

Voice of San Diego / San Diego Tribune / San Diego 6


  1. It's called "SELLING OUT". Unless SD agrees to give up its waiver, and enters into a settlment agreement for a specific plan to eliminate the waiver and improve water quality and/or reuse, there's no requirement that SD do ANYTHING.

    So by supporting the waiver, SD Sierra Club, SD Coastkeeper, and SD Surfrider are failing in their duty to clean the sewage and not dump it into the Ocean.

  2. we encourage you to read the entire summary which address your concerns...